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How To Shred Pork

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how to shred porkPork is best shredded in the pot or tray it is cooked in, along with the cooked vegetables, this would keep it moist as well as maintain the texture of the meat. A meat shredder might be required for pulling out meat from large chunks like shoulder cuts, however a fork may more than suffice for processing a small piece of meat. The key word in shredding pork is cooking it to soften it to an extent that it easily comes away from the bone. Read on for detailed steps to shred pork easily…



Steps to Shred Pork

  1. how to shred porkCook pork cut very well. It can be baked, boiled, or steam cooked. The meat should be tender yet retain its texture. This would give long shreds of delicious pork.
  2. If pork has been cooked with vegetables, rub, marinade etc, the shreds would have the particular taste.
  3. Pork is shredded in the pot it is cooked in.
  4. Use tongs to hold down the cooked pork with one hand.
  5. With the other hand (preferable the dominant one), use a fork to gently ease away the meat from the bone in shreds.
  6. The large pieces of fat can be easily separated and placed in another bowl.
  7. Once large pieces of meat have been separated and some shredded, use two forks to shred this meat further.
  8. Shredded pork can be used in a variety of ways.



Watch the video to learn how to shred pork easily with a shredder:


Shredding pork is not a tough job, a little bit of patience and some expertise would make the job very easy.


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How To Shred Pork