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How To Shred Carrot

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how to shred carrotShredding carrot is not an easy task, especially if you try to do it with a hand held grater. Carrots are hard textured veggies and the job of shredding them would be easier if they are performed in a hands free device like a food processor or a blender that has a shredder attachment. Cone shaped graters can also be used. These would certainly be better than the cheese graters and they are more stable too. Read on to learn how to shred carrots easily…





Steps to Shred Carrot in a Food Processor/Blender

  1. how to shred carrotWash carrots well and then peel it using a vegetable peeler.                                                                                                               
  2. Halve carrots and then cut them lengthwise.
  3. Get the food processor ready or blender with its shredder attachment.
  4. Insert carrot pieces into the food chute and let the food processor do the rest. If using a blender, process for about 3 minutes to get shredded carrot.







how to shred carrotShredding Carrot using a Handheld Grater

  1. Wash and peel carrots.
  2. Place the grater on a plate and with the dominant hand run carrots down the grater with some pressure.
  3. Repeat until carrot piece becomes too small to be grated.












Watch the video to know how to do it perfectly:




Shred carrot at home and use it in salads, as garnish, and in recipes that do not require large carrot pieces.


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How To Shred Carrot