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How To Shred Coconut

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how to shred coconutNot only is cracking open a coconut tricky business, shredding the white flesh may also seem a bit daunting. Not to worry, the steps outlined below would help you to sail through the entire process of shredding coconut. Shredded coconut can be used in a variety of dishes like desserts, pies, appetizers, cakes, and coconut milk.





Steps to Shred Coconut

Coconut can be shredded in many ways. However, the first step to be followed is to cut open the coconut using a cleaver or a hammer after draining out coconut water.


how to shred coconut

Shredding Coconut using Blender or Food Processor - Using a knife, carefully cut away the white flesh from the brown shells. Place the pieces of coconut shell in a blender or food processor and process to get shredded coconut.



how to shred coconutShred Coconut with a Hand Held Shredder – Hand held shredder is easily available and one of the most convenient ways to get shredded coconut. Scrape the surface of white coconut flesh inside brown shells with the shredder to get coconut shavings. A little bit of pressure has to be applied for best results.


how to shred coconut

Shred Coconut using the Traditional Coconut Shredder – Hold down the wooden stand with one hand and use the other hand to move coconut half up and down on the shredder blade. Alternately, sit on the wooden stand, hold coconut half with both hand, and shred it on the blade.



Watch the video for learning how to shred coconut and even make fresh coconut milk:



Shredding coconut would cease to be a nightmare if you follow the steps carefully and proceed with caution.


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How To Shred Coconut