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How To Shred Cabbage

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how to shred cabbageEven though shredded cabbage is easily available in markets, shredding it at home is far easier and gives you crisp and fresh cabbage shreds. They can be added to salads, coleslaw, and as garnish just like in the restaurants. Cabbage is mostly shredded using a knife. Let us see how this is done…






Steps to Shred Cabbage

  1. Get fresh cabbage from the market and discard the outer leaves to expose the head inside.                                                              how to shred cabbage
  2. Wash cabbage well under cool water.
  3. Place it stem side down on a cutting board and cut through to halve the cabbage head exposing the pith.
  4. Using a sharp knife, cut away the pith from both halves.
  5. Place cut side of cabbage down on cutting board.
  6. Use a sharp knife and begin to make diagonal cuts across cabbage very close to each other. Begin outside and work your way towards the center.
  7. Shorten the length of shredded cabbage by cutting once across the middle.
  8. Similarly, shred the other half of the cabbage head.





Watch the video for more information on the same:




how to shred cabbageSome cabbages like the Nappa cabbage have loose, long leaves. These cabbages have to be cut crosswise for shredding. Apart from using a knife to shred cabbages, a mandoline can also be used. Cut cabbage halves further into wedges. Slide cabbage wedges over the sharp blade in the middle of the mandoline. A blender or food processor can also be used for shredding cabbage, especially if you need finer pieces. Larger pieces are ideal for stir-fries while finer ones make excellent toppings and additions to salads. Shred cabbage at home and enjoy it in various recipes.






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How To Shred Cabbage