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Tips To Remove Alcohol Stain

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Remove alcohol stainDrink spillages make unattractive stains which need to be removed properly. Alcohol stains can be quite a pain  but there is nothing to worry about since they can be cleaned up using common household laundry products.  Let us see how alcohol stains can be removed







Remove Alcohol Stains from Washable Fabrics

  1. Show stained area under cool running water and flush out the remnants of alcohol. Rub gently while doing so to loosen the stain a bit.
  2. Make a solution of a mild detergent and water. Soak a clean sponge in this solution work up froth.
  3. Rub in the sponge into the stained area on fabric.
  4. Let the fabric soak in the mixture of detergent and water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse it in cool water and repeat the process until the stain disappears.
  6. Air dry the fabric and then launder it as usual.


Removing Alcohol Stains From Surfaces

Make sure that the stain has been removed prior to laundering it. Alcohol stains from carpets and aupholstery can be removed using the same stain removing products, but the detergent needs to be sponged into the stain and stain blotted out. On removal of stain, soap residues can be cleaned by sponging in clean water.


An important thing to keep in mind while removing alcohol stains is  never to use warm water since the heat can activate the sugar present in alcohol and leave a brown stain making it rather difficult to remove.


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Tips To Remove Alcohol Stain