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How To Ripen Raw Tomato

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Ripened raw tomatoesMany times, it becomes imperative to ripen raw tomato indoors due to frost or vagaries of weather. Tomatoes ripen at room temperature if left in a cool, dark place in the kitchen or inside the pantry. Let us see how to ripen them properly...








Easy Method of Ripening Raw Tomatoes Indoors

  1. Spread newspaper on a cool, dark area of the kitchen. Make sure that this place is away from direct sunlight.
  2. Spread raw tomatoes over newspaper in a single layer.
  3. Spread newspaper over tomatoes and cover them.
  4. Check every day and remove the ones that turn red. Red color indicates ripening of tomatoes.


Ripening Raw Tomatoes Quickly

Green raw tomatoes can be ripened quickly in brown paper bags.

  1. Place raw tomatoes in brown paper bags.
  2. Add in a ripe banana or an apple. These fruits give out ethylene gas which naturally speeds up the ripening process.
  3. Place brown paper bag on kitchen counter at room temperature.
  4. Check for red tomatoes every day and remove the ripe ones from the bag.


Jar Method for Ripening Raw Tomatoes

If there are only a few tomatoes to ripen, the brown paper bag method is the best. Alternately, the tomatoes can be placed in clean glass jars along with a ripe banana and closed tightly. Place the jars in semi-humid areas away from direct sunlight. This method ripens tomatoes in a week. Plastic covers with holes punched in, can also do the work of glass jars and brown paper bags.


Larger quantities of tomatoes can be ripened on the kitchen floor as described above or placed in cardboard boxes for ripening. Tomatoes can be used raw too and you can enjoy the raw tomato benefits prior to ripening the entire bunch.


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How To Ripen Raw Tomato