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How To Ripen Raw Banana

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Ripened raw bananasRipen raw bananas to desired fruitiness in order to enjoy this very popular fruit. Very often, it is difficult to get bananas with the right degree of ripeness and this is where the technique comes in handy. Let us examine the various steps of ripenening raw bananas …










Steps to Ripen Raw Banana at Home

  1. Buy good firm bananas. A raw banana can take anywhere between a day to a day and half to ripen under normal conditions. This ripeness would be optimum for using banana in baked goods.
  2. Place bananas in a brown paper bag along with a ripe apple or tomato. Tomato and apple releases ethylene gas which is a ripening agent. The brown paper bag would ensure that there is plenty of gaseous circulation.
  3. Let bag sit on kitchen counter at room temperature.
  4. Check bananas for ripeness every day since they ripen very quickly and this would also prevent them from over ripening.


How Does Ripening of Raw Bananas Take Place?

When bananas are exposed to ethylene gas in the brown paper bag, the starches present in it are converted into sucrose, fructose, and glucose. These are responsible for the sweet taste of ripe bananas. Simultaneously, the green color of the skin begins to change to take on yellow color. Raw banana is hard and firm while ripe bananas are softer. This happens due to break down of pectin starch within the fruit during process of ripening.


Raw banana benefits are many but ripened banana remains the most popularly consumed fruit across the globe.


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How To Ripen Raw Banana