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How To Ripen Raw Apple

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Ripen raw appleApples are best ripened on the tree for the perfect taste; nevertheless, mature apples can be ripened after picking too. In case you have ended up with a bunch od under ripe apples here is how to efficiently bring them to the prefect maturity stage…



Steps to Ripening Apples at Home

Ripening of fruits is an art and rightly so. 

  1. Pick apples from tree or buy them from the supermarket.
  2. Make sure apples are firm and free from bruises of any kind.
  3. Take a brown paper bag and place in all the apples.
  4. Seal the bag and let sit in kitchen at room temperature.
  5. Check apples for ripeness after 36 to 48 hours.
  6. Ripened apples would have a sweet smell but would be firm.


Apples store well if ripened to the right degree. Apples can be ripened on trays too. Wash and dry the apples well.  Wrap each apple in a tissue paper carefully and place on wooden trays or in cardboard boxes. Alternately, they can be stored in plastic bags with ventilation holes. Check apples everyday to check for ripe ones and discard the rotting fruits.

Use and enjoy ripe and raw apple benefits by picking them raw from the tree and ripening them at home.


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How To Ripen Raw Apple