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Tips To Remove Butter Stain

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Remove butter stainsIt is common to end up with butter stains all over tablecloth, shirtsleeves, napkins etc. after a sit down meal or a party. These stains are not washed off easily with regular detergents and hence a little bit of extra treatment are required. Let us see how butter stain can be removed with ease…







Tips To Remove Butter Stain from Non-washable Fibers

  1. Scrape away caked on stains.
  2. Apply an absorbent like cornmeal or fullers’ earth on stain and let it work for some time.
  3. Clean area to remove absorbent and repeat steps if required.


Removing Butter Stains from Washable Fibers

  1. Scrape away excess of butter that has caked on. The garment or cloth can be held under hot water to get rid of excess butter that might be sticking around. Do this as soon as butter is split on the cloth since this would not allow it to set into the fabric.
  2. Now apply a stain remover as pre-treatment on the stains and let it do its work. For very deep stains, leave the stain remover overnight.
  3. Blot using an absorbent pad or paper and if the stain persists, pre-treat again.
  4. Wash well using a good detergent in a hot water wash cycle.


Ways to Remove Butter Stain from Hard Surfaces and Stones

  1. Scrape away excess butter.
  2. Spray stain remover or detergent over the area.
  3. Wipe with a wet cloth.
  4. Dry with kitchen towels.


Butter stains can be removed without much of a hassle from all kinds of surfaces and clothing. However prompt action and not allowing the stain to accumulate dirt before cleaning will make the cleaning process easier. 


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Tips To Remove Butter Stain