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How To Grate Tomato

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Grated TomatoFrom Italian sauces, to Indian curries grated tomato is an essential ingredient in most of the dishes across the globe. Grating tomato, however, looks a little messy and time taking. Read these simple how to grate tomato tips and do it yourself the next time around.


How To Grate Tomato Using A Grater:


1 Wash the tomato thoroughly and cut it in to half, across the width.


2 Over a bowl, firmly hold a vegetable grater and rub the cut side of the tomato across the grater in an up and down motion.


3 Grate until just the skin is left. Do not grate the skin and discard it.


4 Repeat the process with the remaining tomatoes grating just the meat and discarding the peel.


5 You can chose to strain the grated pulp before using.


 Grating Tomato With A Food Processor:


1 Thoroughly was the tomatoes, and make sure you chose the ripe ones.


2 Cut them in to half width wise.


3 In a food processor fitted with a metal blade, put the tomato halves and secure the cover tightly.


4 Process for about 5 seconds and you will get the desired results instantly.


Now since you know how to grate tomato effortlessly, try this amazing recipe of Tomato Fish and do share your feedback.


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How To Grate Tomato