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How To Grate Sweet Potato

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Grated Sweet PotatoSweet potato is a popular  food in many  regions. The common dishes prepared with sweet potato usually call for the grated form. Read these tips on how to grate sweet potato and do it yourself with ease in your kitchen.


How To Grate Sweet Potato:


1 Wash the sweet potato thoroughly and remove any dirt from the surface. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the sweet potato.


2 On a board, firmly hold the grater with one hand and the sweet potato in the other hand.


3 Across the medium size holes of the grater, rub the sweet potato in an upward and downward motion. Be careful with your knuckles specially while grating the last bit.


4 You can also use a food processor for grating the sweet potato.


5 Wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut into about 2 inch pieces.


6 Add to a blender jar fitted with a grating wheel and process until done to the desired fineness.


These are the most convenient methods to grate sweet potato. Try these easy steps of how to grate sweet potato and try them out in your own kitchen.


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How To Grate Sweet Potato