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How To Grate Horseradish

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Grated HorseradishHorseradish is a very popular choice across the globe and is a popular ingredient in many dishes and condiments. A lot of recipes call for grated Horseradish, here’s a few tips on how to grate horseradish in a simple and easy way. Read on.


How To Grate Horseradish:


1 Wash the horseradish thoroughly and peel well using a vegetable peeler. Cut the horseradish into 2-inch pieces.


2 Wrap the pieces in a waxed paper and place in the freezer for a few hours.


3 Fit the food processor jar with a grating wheel and put horseradish pieces in it. Do not overstuff the jar, process until you achieve the desired coarseness.


4 You can also use a handheld grater for the purpose. Hold a grater firmly over a board or a plate and rub the peeled horseradish against the medium size holes of the grater, in an up and down motion.


Whether you use a handheld grater or a food processor to grate the horseradish, the results are more or less the same. However, using the food processor will make the task quicker. Now, since you know how to grate horseradish with ease, try this amazing Horseradish Sauce recipe and bag lots of compliments.





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How To Grate Horseradish