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How To Grate Nutmeg

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Grated NutmegJust a pinch of grated nutmeg can really transform your food. From breads to desserts, Nutmeg can add flavor and aroma to any given dish. Mostly recipes call for grated nutmeg as an ingredient. Read these simple How To Grate Nutmeg tips to do it yourself in your very own kitchen.


How To Grate Nutmeg:


1 Hold the nutmeg in the correct position, between your pointer finger and thumb.


2 Hold a hand held grater in one hand firmly over a bowl or a work board.


3 Rub the nutmeg across the small holes of the grater in an up and down motion. Continue grating until you get the desired amount of nutmeg.


4 Tap the grater a bit and scrape off the nutmeg bits from the underside of the grater.


Apart from the handheld grater, you can also invest in a nutmeg grinder. This usually has a spring to hold the nutmeg against a sharp blade to grate it. Add the freshly grated nutmeg in your dish and savor the taste. Freshly grated nutmeg can really turn around the way your food tastes and smells. Share these simple how to grate nutmeg tips with your friends and grab all the compliments.


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How To Grate Nutmeg