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How To Grate Zucchini

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Grated ZucchiniGrated Zucchini is used in a  lot of recipes including zucchini bread, zucchini pancakes salads etc. However, while grating zucchini, a few steps must be kept in mind to get the perfect taste. Read this blog on how to grate zucchini  and make your kitchen work simpler.


How To Grate Zucchini With A Grater


1 Wash and scrub the zucchini clean and remove all the grit from the surface.


2 Carefully trim the ends of the zucchini.


3 If the zucchini is large that is more than 2 inches in diameter, then it is advisable to remove the seeds, as they will be bitter.


4 Split the zucchini lengthwise in to half and run the tip of a spoon with some pressure along the length of the vegetable and remove the seeds. If the zucchini is small in size, it can be grated directly without having to remove the seeds.


5 On a board or a plate, hold the grater firmly with one hand and rub the zucchini down on the medium sized holes of the grater. A box grater or a plank grater can be used for the purpose.


How To Grate Zucchini With A Food Processor:


1 Wash the zucchini thoroughly and remove any dirt from the surface.


2 Attach the food processor with the largest hole or the coarsest grating attachment.


3 Switch the food processor on and put the zucchini down the food chute. Continue grating until the bowl is full.


4 Empty the bowl and repeat the process.


These are the easiest available answers for how to grate zucchini. Go ahead, try the method that best suits you, and enjoy the flavor of grated zucchini in your food.


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How To Grate Zucchini