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How To Grate Carrot

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Grated CarrotsGrated carrots are a popular ingredient in many dishes including salads and carrot cakes  as well as Indian desserts etc. However, if grating carrots sounded tedious to you, read these super simple steps on how to grate carrot and make the task easy.


How To Grate Carrot Using A Food Processor:


1 This is the quickest method available to grate the carrots. Wash the carrots thoroughly and scrub them clean.


2 Using a vegetable peeler, peel the skins off the carrots.


3 Trim the ends of the carrots and remove any dark spots that you see on the surface.


4 Cut the carrots in to thirds, so that it becomes easier to grate them.


5 Put the carrots in the food processor jar, do not over stuff.


6 Grate for about 20 seconds, keep a close check and stop when you achieve the desired coarseness.


7 Repeat the process with the remaining carrots.



How To Grate Carrot Using A Hand Grater:


1 Wash and dry the carrots thoroughly. Drying is important so that the carrots do not slip off your hand while grating.


2 Peel the skin using a vegetable peeler.


3 Remove any dark spots or blemishes from the surface with the help of a knife.


4 On a board or a plate, hold the grater firmly with one hand.


5 With the other hand, hold the carrot firmly and rub it in an up and down motion against the appropriate side of the grater.


6 Discard the ends and be careful with your hands while grating, to avoid any injuries.


7 Tap the grater a bit to remove any grated carrot stuck on the underside.



These are the two best available methods of how to grate carrot. Go on and try in your kitchen, the results are sure to be as desired.



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How To Grate Carrot