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How To Grate Potato

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Grated PotatoMaking your favorite dish that needs grated potatoes? Well grating potatoes in your own kitchen will never be a hassle again. Just read these simple tips on how to grate potato and change your cooking experience forever.


How To Grate Potato In A Blender:


1 Wash the potatoes thoroughly, and peel using a vegetable peeler. Make sure to remove any dark spots from the surface.


2 Cut the potatoes into quarters.


3 Add about 2 cups of water in the blender jar this will prevent discoloration of potatoes.


4 Add a few pieces of potato at a time to the blender and press the grate button. Let the blender run for about 5 seconds. Check the consistency, and grate again for another 5 seconds if required.


5 Put the potatoes in a colander and drain thoroughly.


6 Place the drained potatoes on paper towels and squeeze dry.


How To Grate Potato With A Grater:


1 Wash the potatoes thoroughly and wipe.


2 Peel the potatoes using a vegetable peeler. Make sure to remove any dark spots and eyes from the surface.


3 On a plate or a board, place the box grater.


4 On the large hole side, run the peeled potato downwards.


5 Collect the peeled potato on the plate or board and tap to remove any stuck potato on the underside of the grater.


Make sure to grate the potatoes just before cooking or they will oxidize and become discolored. However, to prevent this put the potatoes in a bowl full of water until ready to use.


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How To Grate Potato