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How To Ship Bread

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How To Ship BreadHomemade breads are delectably pleasing gifts. However, when it comes to ship bread to your near and dear ones, you find that it is indeed a tough task. Now you can stop worrying. Ifood brings to you the complete guide on how to ship bread without any damages. Read to know more…


What Is Required To Ship Bread


  • Bread
  • Aluminum foil, to wrap the bread
  • Packaging material, including shredded paper or foam peanuts
  • Shipping container, sufficient to hold the bread
  • Packaging tape
  • Address label


The Step By Step Guide To Ship Bread


Ship cool freshly baked bread

It is advisable to bake the bread just few hours before shipping. Otherwise, you can prepare it the previous night and allow it to cool thoroughly before shipping. Slice the bread and allow it cool well. Packing hot bread can turn it soggy and spoil the flavor and texture of the bread, causing molds to grow during transit.


Pack the bread

Wrap the bread in a food-grade aluminum foil and then place it in a bad which is sufficient to hold the bread. While Ziplocs are advisable for soft-crusted ones, foil-lined bags are ideal to breads with harder crusts.


Remove excess air from the bag

Always take care to get rid of excess air, if any, from the bag. The sides of bad should adhere tightly to bread loaf. The presence of air will pave way to the growth of molds on the loaf. In order to retain the shape of the bread loaf, it is advisable to do a second layer of wrapping.


Prepare the cardboard box or shipping container

Prepare the cardboard box or the container in which you are planning to ship bread. Line the bottom with wrapping material and then with a line of newspaper. Place the bread loaf in the box and fill rest of the space with packaging material like shipping peanuts or just crumpled newspaper. This is done to avoid the bread from being deformed during transit.


Secure the shipping container

With a tight light, seal the container. You can use packaging tape to secure the lid tight. Make sure that the lid is firmly sealed, or else it may open up during transit.


Choose Express Shipping To Ship Bread

If you are planning to handwrite the address, use a marker and write in capital letters. The writing should be legible. Mention that the shipping material is perishable. It is advisable to choose express shipping for faster delivery to the recipient. The freshness of homemade bread is its specialty; faster shipping ensures the bread arrives fresher.


Things To Watch Out For

1. It is advisable to avoid sending bread during warm weather. Warm weather will trigger faster deterioration, spoiling the flavor and texture of the shipped bread.

2. If you are shipping more than one bread loaf, stack them, one above the other.


Follow these guidelines on how to ship bread in the right way without any worries.

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How To Ship Bread