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MeatsIf you want to carry meat as a Christmas gift for your friend, read this article and learn few essential tips on how to carry meat. Proper packaging and precise timing are the key factors to ensure that the meat is reaching in an edible condition.


Tools required to carry meat:





  • Cardboard box

  • Dry ice

  • Styrofoam cooler

  • Packaging tape

  •  Newspaper



How to carry meat: tips and techniques



  • Wrap the frozen meat into plastic wrap and then again wrap the meat with several layers of newspaper.

  • Wrap the dry ice with newspaper and keep it flat at the bottom of the cooler.

  • Keep the wrapped meat on the top of the dry ice into the cooler. You can fill the empty space with newspaper, plastic grocery bags or any other packaging materials.

  • Put the lid of the cooler and tape it tightly.

  • Now you can keep the cooler in the cardboard box and again you need to fill the empty space.

  • Seal the box with packaging tape. Reinforce the bottom as well as corners of the box properly by applying extra tape.

  • Your meat is packed and ready to carry.


Carrying meat with dry ice





  • Before packaging the meat, make sure that you have weigh the meat properly. This will help you to calculate the amount of dry ice you need. For example, a 5 lb roast needs 18 lbs of dry ice for a two-day trip.

  • Always buy a strong and powerful Styrofoam cooler to hold your meat and dry ice.

  • Never handle dry ice with your bare hands. Make sure to wear gloves while working with dry ice. This will prevent causing any damage to your skin.


Follow these simple tips to carry meat for yourself and friends.


Enjoy your day!!


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Carry Meat: How To Tips & Ideas