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How To Ship Rice

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How to ship rice

Many a time you might have found yourself in a perplexing situation when you had to ship rice. Now you can look upto the ifood guide on how to ship rice for packing and shipping rice the right way. Read on to know more about how you can send rice without any damages...


Things Required To Ship Rice


  • Rice
  • Cardboard boxes to fill the rice
  • Packaging material, including old newspaper, shipping peanuts etc.
  • Ziploc bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape


The Step By Step Guide To Ship Rice


Buy fresh rice

While buying the rice for shipping, make sure it is from a fresh stock. Check for the presence of weeds or insects. Older stocks may contain insects. If you are purchasing huge quantities, then visit the wholesale dealer and pick the freshest ones. Rice, in bulk, comes stored in plastic or polythene sacks. You can pick from specific brands also to avoid any issues.


Packing the rice

Place the rice bag in large bags which come with zippers. These will help in keeping the rice safe without being damaged.


Remove excess air

Remove excess air, if any from the bag. Air prepares a background for the moisture to creep in. Moreover, the moisture content can spoil the quality of rice, making it soggy and unfit for consumption. Seal the bag firmly.


Prepare the cardboard box

Place the sealed rice bag in the prepared cardboard box. Line the cardboard box with few sheets of wrapping paper or newspaper and then place the rice bag on it. You can even choose large insulated boxes for packing rice.


Secure the shipping box with tapes

Fill the extra spaces, if any, with newspapers or shipping peanuts. These are essential to keep the rice bag intact during transit. With the help of bubble wrap, wrap the box firmly. With a nylon or brown sealing tape, seal the box. It is advisable to refrain from using plastic tape.


Choose express shipping to ship rice

If you are planning to handwrite the address, use a marker and write in capital letters. The writing should be legible. Mention that the shipping material is perishable. It is advisable to choose express shipping for faster delivery to the recipient.


Things To Watch Out For

1. It is advisable to check for the moisture content in the rice. Humid weather conditions are favorable to accumulation of moisture and growth of fungi and weeds in rice.

2. You may place 3 to 4 mothballs in the cardboard box. This will keep the insects off the rice. However, take care to avoid the balls getting into touch with rice, as they can prove to be harmful.

3. Always arrange for a delivery confirmation to avoid chaos.


Follow these guidelines on how to ship bread in the right way without any worries.


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How To Ship Rice