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A glass of wineWine lovers just enjoy trying different blends from vineyards across the world. When you have found some right wine for your friends and want to carry wine for them, you need to follow some instructions for packaging the wine bottles.


Tools required to carry wine:



  • Wooden wine box

  • Corrugated cardboard box

  • Tissue paper or bubble wrap

  • Tape



Tips to carry wine:



  • Before you start packaging the wine bottles, you need to buy a good quality wooden wine box. You can get the wooden wine box from any local wine dealer.

  • Wrap the wine bottles individually with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Keep the wrapped bottles inside the wooden wine box. Close the lid of the box.

  • Now you need to keep the wooden wine box inside the corrugated cardboard box.

  • Seal the cardboard box tightly with wide packaging tape.


How to carry wine bottles




  • While purchasing the wooden wine box, make sure that your wine box is fitting over your bottle snugly.

  • Always keep the package down horizontally. This will avoid causing any damage or breakage to your wine bottles.


Following these tips on how to carry wine, your wine will reach safely to the desired destination.




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Carry Wine: How To Tips & Ideas