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How To Ship Chop

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How to ship chopShipping chop is not something people often need to do. However, if you know how to ship chop, then it will come in handy whenever required. Ifood offers you a chance to learn how you can ship chops. Read on for more information…


What Is Required To Ship Chop


  • Chop
  • Freezer
  • Heavy-duty plastic wrap
  • Cardboard box
  • Packing peanuts
  • Freezer paper
  • Dry ice
  • Refrigeration/Perishable notice
  • Clear packing tape
  • Larger, flat cardboard box
  • Marker


The Step By Step Guide To Ship Chop


Freeze The Chop

It is ideal to freeze the chop to the coldest temperature as possible. Since refrigerator freezers do not offer very cold temperatures, use dry ice for freezing.


Seal The Chop In Plastic Wrap

Using a plastic wrap, seal the meat as tightly as possible. This is required to prevent the chop from absorbing moisture during freezing. 


Keep The Dry Ice Ready

Purchase dry ice from the local grocery store. Dry ice is a better option for freezing chops as they will also be used for keeping the chop frozen during transportation. It is advisable to procure dry ice in excessive quantities; it will come handy while shipping the meat chops.


Place The Dry Ice In Cooler

Place the dry ice in a cooler. Wear gloves to prevent your fingers from freezing. Take a cardboard box, sufficient to hold the chop. Place the frozen meat in the box and then place the box within the dry ice. Close the cooler and allow the chop to sit in the cooler for at least 6 hours.


Prepare The Second Cardboard Box

Meanwhile, prepare the second box for sending the chop. With a freezer paper, line the cardboard box. Fill quarter of the box with shipping peanuts.


Place The Chop Inside Cardboard Box

Take the frozen chop from the cooler and place inside the prepared box. Place dry ice over the inner packing in such a way that it is completely covered. This is very essential to retain the cold temperature and prevent the chop from being spoiled. Cover with rest of the shipping peanuts. Make sure that everything is tightly fitted inside, as even a small space can damage the chop. Close the box and using packing tape seal it thoroughly.


Send Via Express Shipping

Write the address of the receiver in capital, bold letters using a black or red color marker. The writing should be legible. Mention that the shipping material is perishable and should be refrigerated, if possible. It is advisable to choose express shipping for faster delivery top the recipient.


Things To Watch Out For

1. It is advisable to inform the receiver as soon as you ship the chop.

2. Check the rules and regulations of destination before sending the chop to avoiding getting into legal entangle.


The next time you want to ship chop, follow the instructions mentioned above to send it in a safe way.  

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How To Ship Chop