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Ice creamIce creams are a popular treat for birthday parties or any occasion. However, it is not a very popular picnic dish because many of us find it difficult to carry ice cream. Just go through this blog and find few essential steps to carry ice cream and savor your favorite dessert wherever you are...


For carrying ice creams, you do not need to spend much money. Make your own transporting device with the items available in your house.


Things you will need:


Below is a list of things required to carry ice cream cups or cones.



  • Cereal boxes

  • Knife

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Tape



How to carry ice cream:



  • Take two big size empty cereal boxes to make holders for keeping the ice cream cups or cones.

  • Use the bottom part of the ice cream cone to trace circles on each box with the help of a pencil. For example, you need to make 12 circles if you have 12 ice cream cones or cups to pack. Using a knife cut out the circles, you may use a pair of scissors to finish the holes.

  • Now you can insert the bottom of all the ice cream cones into the holes. Make sure the holes are holding the cones tightly.


  • Keep the dry ice in the box and keep the ice cream on top. Surround the ice cream with additional dry ice and seal the box.



Alternative method to carry ice cream:
How to carry ice cream


  • You can also select the shirt boxes for carrying the ice cream cups or cones.

  • You just need to trace the circles on each box and insert the bottom of the cones into the holes.





  • Make sure the size of circle is appropriate that it holds the ice cream cones firmly.

  • You can seal the two halves of the shirt boxes together with the tape before tracing the circles.


  • Although there is no specific melting temperature for the ice cream, make sure that ice cream does not get exposed to warm air. The exposure to warm air can make ice cream to melt very quickly.


Apply these simple and easy ideas to carry ice cream and make your party unforgettable.


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Carry Ice Cream: How To Tips & Ideas