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CurryGoing for the picnic and planning to carry curry for the lunch?


The key to packing curry is keeping it at a safe temperature for eating later in the day. Curry should always remain at 140 degrees F or higher to prevent growth of harmful bacteria. For detailed tips on how to carry curry, read on...


Tools needed for carrying curry:




  • Insulated lunch box

  • Boiling water

  • Wide mouth thermos



Tips to carry curry:



Here are few tips on how to carry curry:



  • Boil the curry on your stove top for at least 15- 20 minutes.method to carry curry
  • Take the wide mouth thermos and pour boiling water into it. Preheat the thermos interior.

  • Remove the hot water from the thermos and fill it with curry.

  • Put the lid of the thermos after pouring the curry. This will ensure that you do not lose any of the heat from the curry.

  • Pack the thermos in an insulated lunch bag. And open the lid only when you are about to eat the curry.







  • The preheated thermos method can be applied for packing many kinds of other foods as well. The foods such as stew and beans can also be packed.

  • Keep the lid of the thermos tight enough that your curry won’t spill.


Follow these simple tips to carry curry for yourself and friends.


Enjoy your day!!


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Carry Curry : How To Tips & Ideas