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How To Bake Meat Pie

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Meat Pie

Meat pies have been into existence since the Neolithic period; the early pies were known as galettes and were made of oat, wheat rye and barley. Over the years Meat, pie has evolved as one of the very popular savory dishes across the world and has many regional variations Natchitoches meat pie from Louisiana, Latin American Empanadas, British meat pie and many more. Read on to know how to bake meat pie in a simple and perfect way. 



The Required Ingredients


     Flour – This forms the crust of the pie and you will need about 4 cups to make a pie that serves 7 people (2 servings per person)

     Margarine - Added for the required tenderness in the dough add about 3 sticks per 4 cups of flour

     Nutmeg – 1 teaspoon is good enough to add the flavor and aroma.

     Salt – For the dough about ½ teaspoon or as per your taste.

     Water – The vital ingredient to moisten the dough, about ½ cup.

     Corned beef or ground meat – This is the main constituent of the filling in the pie. you will need about 1 can to prepare a pie for 7.

     Green pepper – If you like your food spicy, add 1 cup, chopped green pepper to the filling.

     Onion – Another essential flavoring ingredient, just add about ½ cup, chopped

     Carrot – To add a little color and nutritional value, put 1 cup, chopped in the filling.

    Egg – Used to give that nice color and sheen to the crust, use1 small to glaze the prepared pie.



     The Method


      For the filling:


 1 The taste of your pie very much depends upon how well the meat filling is prepared. To get that desired taste; in a bowl, add the carrots, onion, green pepper and finally the corned beef.

 2 In a separate bowl, beat the egg for the egg wash. This will give the sheen and color to the prepared pie.


For the dough:


3 The dough is also equally important to make a perfect pie. In a large bowl, add flour, nutmeg, and margarine and work the mixture using your fingertips to get the correct texture. 


4 To give the required moisture to the dough, prepare a mixture of water and salt and gradually add it to the flour mixture.


5 Gently knead the dough, to make sure that all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly and the dough has just the required elasticity.


6 To prepare the base, divide the dough into two parts and roll out the first part, slightly bigger than the second so that it can fit into a pie dish.


Finalizing the pie


7 Place the rolled dough in the pie dish and set it evenly in the bottom, pressing slightly to fit the dish.


8 Now the pie base is ready to be filled with the prepared stuffing. Fill the mixture in the pie dish lined with the dough and carefully cover with the second rolled out half of the dough


9 Brush the pie with the beaten egg, this is important so the crust is well glazed and does'nt dries too much. Also the egg wash gives a nice color to the crust.


10 Bake in a preheated oven at the mentioned temperature of the recipe or 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 to 30 minutes.


Well, so now you know, How to bake meat pie in just 10 easy steps. Enjoy making the delicacy in your very own kitchen and don’t forget to share the compliments when you receive some.


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How To Bake Meat Pie