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CandiesCandy is the perfect gift for birthday, friendship’s day or even Valentine’s Day. If you want to send the candies to your friend for friendship’s day, here are the tips to carry candy by mail.


The two main goals in carrying candy by mail are to stabilize that it won’t break and also to moderate its temperature.


Tools required:



  1. Bubble wrap

  2. Filler: craft paper bubble wrap etc.

  3. Zipper plastic bags

  4. Cardboard boxes

  5. Tape

  6. Cold packs for summer shipping



Tips to carry candy:



  • If you are sending the homemade candies, then you need to keep them in a zipper plastic bag. Remove as much of the air from the bag as possible and close the bag. Seal the bag and suck out the remaining air. This will keep the candy fresh and soft for longer period of time. After sealing the plastic bag, keep the candies in a small cardboard box. If you are sending the purchased candies, you can ship them in their original packaging.

  • Wrap the box in two to three layers of bubble wrap. Tape the bubble wrap tightly around the box.

  • If you are shipping during summer time, you can add cool packs. Add them just before shipping the candies. This will keep the candy fresh. Put the cool packs in the plastic bubble wrap close to, but not touching the boxes. You can also use insulated bubble material or bubble envelopes for temperature control.

  • Now you need to fill the shipping box. You can fill it with craft paper, bubble wrap, old newspaper or any other packing material. Make sure to pack it firmly so that it creates a good bed for the candies.

  • Keep the bubble wrapped candies into the box. Cover it with more packing materials in order to prevent any sort of breakage during transport.

  • Tighten the boxes with tape.How to carry candies





  • Cool packs can sweat and moisture is not good for candy. Therefore put the cool packs in a zip lock bags or you can even wrap the cool packs in bubble wrap.

  • Never use dry ice while carrying candy or any other perishable items. Dry ice is a hazardous substance which may damage the candies.


Just follow these simple tips and techniques to carry candy and make your work much easier.


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Carry Candy : How To Tips & Ideas