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CakeWant to carry cake to its final destination with ease? In this article you will find few important tips on how to carry cake (whether its wedding cake or birthday cake) safely from one place to another.


The cake contains several layers and also includes intricate detailing which may make the cake difficult to carry alone. Therefore good transport methods must be devised in order to prevent a disaster.


Tools required:


For transporting the cakes, there are certain things you will need. These things include:


  1. Thick cardboard boxes

  2. Plywood or fiberglass

  3. Metal rolling cart



Instructions to carry cake:



  • Try to carry the cake in sections. Break down the tiered cakes by level and place them in separate boxes. It is easier to carry the cakes in section. You can once again assemble the cake once you arrive at your destination. Always keep the cake in boxes which have heavy duty bases. The boxes made of cardboard may be flimsy and as such do not support the cake properly.

  • You can take the help of other people for moving the cake if you cannot break it down into tiers. The other people can support the sides of the base when it is moved. To move the cake with other people, locate a large piece of plywood or fiberglass to carry the cake instead of the standard cardboard base. The plywood or fiberglass will not break and will be much easier to grasp with your hands.

  • You can ask the reception center for a cart to transport the cake. Move the cake onto the top of the cart and simply push the cake where it needs to be placed. While pushing the cart, always look for a ramp instead of pushing the cart onto a ledge.

  • How to carry cake





  • Always try to take small steps and be cautious while moving the cake. Even small carelessness may damage your cake.

  • Do not try to carry big size cake alone because this may result in injury to you and to the cake.


Following these simple steps, you will realize how easy it is to carry cake.


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Carry Cake : How To Tips & Ideas