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How to Carve Chicken

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A roast chicken is a great comforting meal, but several people are put off by the difficulty they have to face to carve chicken. Chickens are such oddly shaped birds after all. But don’t worry! Just some patience and a little guidance will help you to carve chicken like a pro. Here are some easy instructions to carve the intricate bird into delicious wings, drumsticks, thighs and juicy breast for satisfying both, dark meat and white-meat fans. Be sure to start with a sharp carving knife and sturdy fork.


Tools Needed to Carve Chicken

  • A whole roasted chicken
  • A sturdy fork
  • A sharp carving knife
  • A cutting board


Steps to be Followed for Carving Chicken

  1. First of all, allow the roasted chicken to rest for about 15 minutes before transferring it to a chopping board for carving. This will allow the juices within the chicken to spread evenly.


  1. Place chicken on the cutting board with its breast up. Cut at the wing joint so as to remove the wing from the chicken’s body. Use a sharp knife for this and repeat this process for the rest of the wings.


  1. Then cut off the legs by cutting through the thigh joint. This will separate the the thigh from the body. Keep cutting between the tail and the hip joint. Make sure that you cut very close to the backbone. Force the leg to bend backwards in order to pop out the hip joint.


  1. Continue to cut around bone and keep dragging the leg in order to try to pull it away from body. This has to be done until the leg piece detaches from the body.  Cut through left over skin. Repeat this process for the other side too.


  1. Slice off approximately 1/8 inch from the white line of fat which appears on the side of drumstick. This allows the drumstick to separate from the thigh.  This must be done with the other leg too.  


  1. Use a fork to hold the chicken firmly with its neck end down. Cut through the rib joints, along both sides of the backbone so as to disconnect the back from the chicken breast.


  1. Remove the keel bone by bending the breast halves back. This will allow the keel bone to pop out. Run a poultry shear through the wishbone in order to cut the breast into two halves. These halves must be further sliced into halves.  


This is one of the easiest methods to carve chicken. After carving the chicken successfully, garnish it with coriander leaves and enjoy your meal.


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How To Carve Chicken