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How to Carve Ham

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A freshly prepared honey-glazed ham is immensely juicy and tender. It is essential to carve ham properly so as to keep the meat tender. It is not easy to learn how to carve ham, but a little guidance and practice can help you do it with perfection. Here are certain tips on carving ham, which ensure that its texture remains intact.


Tools Needed for Carving Ham

For carving ham, you will need three basic tools:

  • A carving knife
  • A meat fork
  • A cutting board


Steps to be followed for Carving Ham

  1. After you roast or cook the ham, allow it to stand for about 10-15 minutes. The natural juices present in the meat will spread evenly during this period. It also tends to make the glaze, be it brown sugar glaze or simple honey glaze), crisp as soon as the sugar cools.


  1. Trim the ham in order to cut it finely. Place the ham on top of the cutting board and cut three slices which must be parallel to the length of the ham. Cut these slices from the thin portion of the ham.  


  1. Turn the ham so that it is now resting on the flat side that you created by trimming the slices.


  1. Begin carving the ham from the shank end and move down towards the bone. Every slice of the meat that you cut must be as identical as possible. The slices that are usually served at different eating joints range from 1/3 inch to 1/2 inch in thickness. If the slices are thicker than this, the dish that you serve is typically called "ham steaks."


  1. Release the ham slices by cutting them parallel all along the bone. When you carve the ham in this manner, you will definitely get a piece of ham which is properly sliced.


  1. Now, rotate the ham and again follow these steps for carving ham until you are able to remove a slice from the bone.


There are other ways also to carve ham. This method is easy to follow and retains the tenderness and succulent texture of ham. Enjoy the mouth-watering ham slices.


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How To Carve Ham