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How to Carve Pineapple

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carving  pineapple

A pineapple can be carved in several creative ways. One such idea that I tried for a kid’s party at home is to create a pineapple boat. In place of using a usual pot for serving fruits and salad at the party, I used pineapple boats which were decorated from outside too. Here’s how to carve pineapple bots which will definitely be a hit among the guests.


Tools Needed for Carving Pineapple

  • Small knife
  • Paring knife



Steps to be Followed for Carving Pineapple

  1. Choose a pineapple carefully. Pick one which is firm yet somewhat soft. Do not buy overripe pineapples at all, as they have brown spots which may be seen while on the carved pineapple boats. This will end up spoiling the entire presentation. 


  1. For carving pineapple, use a sharp and small knife to determine the fleshy pulp on the top of the fruit. Then begin to cut downwards right from the center of the leaves and the central point of the fruit. Cut in a straight line to slice the pineapple into tow equal halves.   


  1. Put the slices of the fruit on a table with their pulp facing upwards. Using a paring knife, mark a delicate line from the top of the fruit until its bottom. Mark another line which is exactly 1/2 inch from the border of the pineapple. Do this on all sides. See carefully if the lines you have drawn will help you obtain a symmetrical cut. Once you are sure, use a knife to cut along the marked line up to ½ inch from the base. The pineapple will now be hollow in the middle.


  1. Prepare any fruit sad that you wish to serve in the pineapple boat. You can slice pineapple into small cubes, if you want to serve a pineapple salad. Then run a knife along the edges and the base of the pineapple to remove any bits that stick to it.


  1. Use a cloth to remove the excess juice from the pineapple, if any. Fill the boats with fruit salad, arrange them on a platter, and serve.


If you can think of other creative ways to carve pineapple, do share them with me.


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How To Carve Pineapple