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How to Carve Duck

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Serving duck as the main course makes your meal elegant. But make sure that the duck meat you choose to serve is carved properly and neatly. Else, it may fail to impress the guests. Carving a duck may not seem very difficult to you after you read and follow the steps given below. So learn how to carve duck with precision.




Tools Needed for Carving Duck

  • A cutting board
  • A carving knife
  • A meat fork


Steps to be Followed for Carving Duck


  1. When your duck has been cooked in the oven, allow it to rest for about 10 minutes before starting to carve it. During this time, the juices present within the duck will settle and spread evenly. This will make the meat more tender than before.


  1. Now, transfer the meat on the cutting board with its breast-side down. Before beginning to carve, insert the meat fork into the middle of the duck for stability.


  1. Use the carving knife to slice through the bird along the entire length of the backbone.


  1. Now, turn the meat on its back.


  1. Separate the meat from the body of the duck using the knife. While you cut the meat, place the knife as near as possible to the bird’s bone so that you gather more meat for the plate and leave lesser on the carcass of the duck. As you reach the leg joint of the duck, use more forces to cut it. The bird will be divided into two pieces here.


  1. Carve the portion of the duck that lies between the leg and breast. Further, split the leg piece and the breast chunk into two pieces each. Enjoy your carved duck!


Tips for Carving Duck

  1. Use a sharp knife to with a pointed tip in order to carve the duck cleanly and precisely.
  2. Protect your hands as well as secure a better grip of the meat by wearing gardening gloves while carving the duck.


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How To Carve Duck