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How To Clean Crab

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How to clean crab

Crabs are delicacies that most of us cannot resist but very few of us actually know how to clean crab so as to use it more frequently in our recipes. The hard shells and fearsome claws can deter many from cleaning a crab. Let us see how crab cleaning can be made easier and less messy.










Steps for Cleaning Crab


Step 1                                                                                                                                  Cleaning crab

Hold the crab in your hand, belly side up. You can see a triangle shaped flap.  Pull this belly flap off.









Crab cleaning

Step 2

Now, turn over the crab in your hand and remove the top shell. This is easy if you insert your thumb between the shell and body to the posterior end of the crab and pull with a tug.





                                                                                                                                             Clean crab

Step 3

Now, for the claws and legs, twist them where they join the body and pull.





Step 4

Crack open the legs and claws using a hammer or a nutcracker.


Step 5

The colored connective tissue and lungs (shaped like fingers) can be discarded since these are inedible.


Step 6

Break off the mouth of crab.


Cleaned crab

Step 7                                            

Wash crab thoroughly in cold water. Once washed, insides of crab should be absolutely white in color.





Requirements for Cleaning Crab


  1. Bucket of cold water
  2. Container to hold crabs
  3. Bin to discard the shells



Tips to Clean Crabs


  • Ensure that the crab is dead before beginning to clean it.
  • Be wary of its claws if it is alive.


Follow the steps outlined above and clean crab successfully! Try out these crab recipes and savor the delectable taste of crabs.


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How To Clean Crab