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How To Clean Chicken

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How to clean chickenHow to clean chicken before cooking it? Chicken, like all other meats, has to be cleaned well prior to cooking. There are present many germs and bacteria that can make you sick if chicken is not washed and cleaned well.  Let us examine how to clean chicken so as to render it fit for eating.






Steps for Cleaning Chicken                                                                                          Chicken cleaning


  1. Remove chicken from package and lay it on a rubber cutting board.  This applies to both fresh chicken as well as frozen but thawed chicken too.
  2. Usually, you will find a giblet package in the chicken cavity, which has to be removed. Unless, you plan to use it, this can be disposed off. The package can be removed while thawing the chicken.
  3. Now, look inside the chicken cavity at the tail end. You will see dark red colored kidneys to the back of the cavity, almost near to the tail. Remove these. Use your thumbs and fingers to pull them out.
  4. Rinse the chicken well with water, inside and outside.
  5. Neck and tail area would have excess fat. Trim these and dispose.
  6. Fill sink with warm water. Add in some salt and gently lower chicken into this.
  7. Cleaned chickenLet chicken stand in salted water for 10 minutes. This would help in getting rid of all dirt and germs from the skin and insides.
  8. Drain the water.
  9. Wash chicken well under cold water.
  10. Pat dry and use as required.







Requirements for Chicken Cleaning                                                                             Clean chicken


  1. Rubber cutting board.
  2. Chef’s knife.
  3. Salt


Tips to Clean Chicken


  • Always wash your hands well after cleaning chicken.
  • Wash and disinfect, sink, knife and cleaning area once done.
  • Remove chicken from package only when planning to use it immediately.
  • Thaw frozen chicken just before cleaning and using.


Check out the video too to pick up more tips on how to clean chicken well. Try out various recipes with chicken once you clean it.


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How To Clean Chicken