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How To Cut Lavender

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Get to know how to cut lavender and add flavor to salads, fish, sweets, meat dishes and roasts. Lavender imparts a heady aroma to dishes it is added to. Let us see how lavender can be cut to use while cooking.







Cutting Lavender using Knife and Cutting Board


  1. Take lavender stalks and hold them with their heads pointing downwards.
  2. Now, shake well so that lavender flowers begin to fall down. Stop when most of the Cutting lavenderflowers have fallen off their stalks.
  3. Collect the flowers in a bowl.
  4. Put all the collected flowers on the cutting board.
  5. Using a chopping knife, chop the lavender flowers randomly.
  6. Chopped lavender flowers would give out more flavors while being cooked than whole flowers.



The lavender flowers can also be chopped in a spice grinder or food processor. Chopping renders the buds tender thereby allowing even infusion of flavors. While using fresh lavender in recipes remember to add three times the measure of dried lavender indicated in the recipe. Dried lavender would have concentrated taste and less would be enough. Lavender can be used instead of rosemary in the dishes since these two herbs have similar tastes. Sweetened lavender is used for baking and in desserts.



 cutting lavenderCutting Lavender for Roasts


  1. Place lavender stalks on cutting board.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut crosswise to divide stem into half.
  3. Place the stem inside the chicken, turkey, duck etc.
  4. Roast the bird and enjoy the flavor of lavender.



It is very simple to cut lavender. Use it generously and give your dishes a new twist.


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How To Cut Lavender