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How To Cut Duck

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How to cut duck

How to cut duck so that all its parts can be utilized well? Ducks have thick, fatty skins and these take a long time to cook while roasting. Thus, if you roast a whole duck, by the time the skin releases all its fat, the meat would be overcooked. Now, if you know how to cut up a duck, you can separate the parts into breasts, thighs, and bones. This would allow the thighs to be braised and grilled, breasts to be sautéed into crispy duck and the bones can be used to make duck broth. Let us take a quick look at the steps for cutting the duck properly.



Cutting Duck to Separate the Parts



                                                                                                                                             Cut duck

Place duck on its breast on the cutting board. Cut the wings off with a chef’s sturdy knife, just at the place where they join the body of duck. Ensure that the breast meat is not compromised.









Cut duck

Now, turn the duck over on to its back. Use your non dominant hand to pull the thigh out and forward. Cut the skin between breast and thigh. Make sure that the knife blade is directed towards the thigh. Cut through the fat beneath the skin and along the sides of the thigh all the way to the back. Break the thigh joint by folding thigh back against the base of thigh which is held in place with your thumb. Slice through the meat that joins the thigh to the back and separate the thigh from the body. Repeat the steps with the other thigh too.




                                                                                                                                             Cut duck

The duck is now on its back on the cutting board. Use a sharp knife to cut along the sides of the breast bone in tandem and against the backbone to separate the breast from it. Using your fingers, peel the cut breast back and detach it from the wishbone using the knife. Make sure that the breast meat is not damaged in any way until the entire boneless breast is detached from the back bone and body of duck.





Cut away excess fat and skin from the breasts as well as neck area. The fat can be used for cooking if desired. Watch the video on how to cut duck and learn a few more tips from it. Duck recipes are numerous and mastering the art of cutting up a duck can open the doors for trying out these.



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How To Cut Duck