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How To Cut Tuna

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how to cut tuna

Learn how to cut tuna if you prefer its fresh taste than the taste of tuna from a can. Tuna is very popular among fish lovers and is one of the fishes that can be cut easily.  Various tuna recipes require tuna to be cut into steaks, fillets, cubes and even cuts specific for sashimi and sushi. Let us see how to cut tuna to suit these requirements.





Cutting Tuna Steaks                                                                                                            Cutting tuna


  1. Place fresh tuna on cutting board on its flat side.
  2. Remove the scales. Tuna has very less scales and can be easily removed.
  3. Snip off the fins and the tail. Insert the fillet knife below each fin and gently ease out the fins. Be careful, lest you damage the skin that would help in holding the steaks together once it is cut.
  4. Using the chef’s knife, cut off the head of the tuna, just below the pectoral fin. Use a decisive, swift action of hand to cut and take care not to saw.
  5. Slice tuna steaks with similar cuts of desired thickness.
  6. Remove pin bones from the steaks. Needle nose pliers can be very handy for the purpose.




cut tuna

Tuna Cut into Fillets


  1. Remove scales and cut off the head.
  2. Slit open the belly and remove all internal organs using your hands.
  3. Continue the cut till the tail.
  4. Slide in the knife and cut the meat along the back bone until the knife meets the tail. Keep separating the meat from the belly bones as you cut.                                
  5. Repeat the process on the other side of the fish.
  6. Separate the fillets from the back bone.
  7. Remove bones and skin from the fillets and wash well before use.




Cut Tuna for Sashimi and Sushi                                                                                       cut tuna


Sashimi and sushi cuts of tuna usually are from the Bluefin tunas which are big, huge fishes. The tuna is sliced thin and then served with condiments.


  1. Cut tuna behind the pectoral fin.
  2. Cut along the center to the tail and separate out the fillets.
  3. Ensure that the rib bones are full and complete.
  4. Remove skin of fillets beginning from tail end.
  5. Separate out fillet from other side of fish. Rinse the fillets well.
  6. Place cleaned and dry fillets on cutting board.
  7. tuna cutUsing a sashimi knife, cut off the ends to make a uniform edge.
  8. Using the sashimi knife, make slices of the fillets of around ¼ inch thickness.
  9. Make slices of both the fillets.
  10. For sushi the slices can be thicker than for sashimi.





Watch the video to see exactly how a Bluefin tuna is cut in the Japanese fish market and pick up some tips too.




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How To Cut Tuna