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How To Fillet Cod?

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If you are wondering on how to fillet cod for preparing a fresh, flaky and deliciously light fish meal for your dinner following a tiring fishing session, then read more of this article on how to cut your cod. All you need is a sharp knife and cutting board to get the fish ready.  


How to cut the fish for cleaning?


All you need is a cutting board, preferably a wooden board or a clean and flat hard surface where you can wipe the fish, remove the slimy layers, and descale the fish using a sharp knife. Cut the fish down on one side of the fin and bring the knife until the bottom of the head making a full round to reach the fin at the other end. Separate the head and the tail and clean the fish of blood and internal organs. Remove the fins.   


How to get your fillets?


Cut the fish around the backbone from the tail to the head of the fish and run the knife along the backbone. From the front to the back, cut the fish off the bones and remove the meat. While doing this, use your thumb to lift the meat and run the knife entirely along the bones smoothly without bothering about the meat that you will be missing in between the bone. Reach till the tail and there you will find in your hand the cod fish fillet. The next fillet of the fish is also cut in a similar manner. You can get two fillets out of a cod fish.  


Deskinning the fish


Since the cod skin is not tightly bound and is thicker and slimier, is easy to remove from the meat. Place the fillet so that the skin faces the board. Hold at the tail end with your thumb and run the knife between the meat and skin facing away from you. Now, just tug at the meat and you should be able to remove the meat from the skin with one smooth run.


Removing bones


To remove the small bones in the fillet, cut off the remaining backbones, and cut the cod into smaller pieces.  


Now you have your cod ready for preparing a wide number of dishes. Refer to our delectable recipes on to serve the fish as a main meal or as side dish .    


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How To Fillet Cod?