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How To Cut Chili

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It is advisable to learn how to cut chili properly, lest you encounter its heat and you decide not to try it again. Chilies have many health benefits and are ideal to add that extra zing to your recipes.









Cutting Chili Safely                                                                                                                  


If you want to cut chili safely, you need to use rubber gloves to protect your hand since these can help in keeping the burning and irritating sensation away and of course, do not touch your eyes during or after cutting chilies.


  1. Rinse the chili and pat dry with kitchen towels.
  2. Using a utility knife, slice the chili lengthwise.
  3. Use the tip of the knife to edge out the seeds, veins and stem. These can be discarded. If you like chili and particularly want hot recipes, you can keep some of the seeds in.
  4. The deseeded chili can be cut into strips of desired thickness by slicing it lengthwise.
  5. Keep these thin strips together and cut crosswise to get diced chili.



Cutting Whole Chilies


  1. Rinse and dry chilies.
  2. Lay them on cutting board.
  3. Hold the stem of the chili.
  4. Using a chef’s knife, make slices of the chili by cutting through the chili crosswise. Begin at the end and slowly cut away till you reach the stem.
  5. Green or red colored rings or slices of chilies are ready to be used.
  6. If the chili is sliced at an angle, you get diagonal slices of whole chili.



Don’t forget to discard the gloves and wash your hands once you are done cutting. Once you go through the tips given above, you would know how to cut chili without fear.



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How To Cut Chili