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How To Cut Banana

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We all know how to cut banana, but for the benefit of the first timers in the kitchen, I have outlined the best way to cut up a banana in this blog.







Cutting Banana Easily


Bananas can be cut very easily. All you need if a fruit knife and a ripe banana. Make sure that the banana is not overripe since then it would be better to just bite pieces off if eating raw or use mashed bananas in recipes. Let us see how to cut a ripe banana:


  1. Take a yellow colored, ripe banana.
  2. Peel the banana.
  3. Place the peeled banana on the cutting board on its side.
  4. Using a sharp fruit knife, cut banana crosswise to get slices of banana. The thickness of the slice can be changed by cutting at larger or smaller intervals. 
  5. The slices can be further cut cross wise to get half moons of banana or quartered. Thin banana slices are used for making banana chips.




Banana can also be cut lengthwise. Place peeled banana on cutting board and using a sharp knife, cut lengthwise to get two banana halves.








Chopped banana is used often to make chips as well as in many other recipes. A ripe banana has to be cut lengthwise into two halves. Hold the halves together and cut lengthwise a second time, this time the cut should be perpendicular to the first one. Place the banana on cutting board and cut crosswise to get chopped banana.





Watch the video to get more tips on how to cut banana.


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How To Cut Banana