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How To Cut Jicama

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Do you know how to cut jicama or the Mexican potato? Jicamas have to be peeled before being cut and they have a thicker skin than potatoes. Once cut they can be used in stir fries, salads and various other recipes.







Jicama Cut Up


Begin by cutting jicama into two halves. Using a sharp knife, slice through the center of the tuber lengthwise.









Now, using a sharp vegetable peeler, slice off the peel. Sometimes a vegetable peeler might not be able to cut through the thick skin of a jicama and a paring knife might be a better tool to attempt the same. Make sure to get rid of the tough fiber below the peel.







For slicing jicama, cut slices of the tuber of desired thickness beginning at the cut, open surface of jicama.


















Jicama can be cut into batons or sticks. Make thick slices of jicama. Lay the slices on cutting board. Cut lengthwise to get thick batons of the tuber. This can be used for stir fries and for sautéing.










Jicama can be chopped to yield small bite size pieces ideal for salads, soups and stews. Place slices of jicama one on top of another on the cutting board. Hold them together and cut them lengthwise to get strips of the tuber. Rotate and cut these crosswise to get chopped or diced jicama.








Jicama can be eaten raw and has a sweet tang to its flavor. It can be used in a number of recipes once you know how to cut jicama perfectly.



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How To Cut Jicama