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How To Cut Bell Pepper

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Add crunch and color to your stir fries by learning how to cut bell pepper and using it generously in your recipes. Bell peppers might seem a bit difficult to cut owing to their bulbous structure but they can easily be cut into strips and chunks. These belong to the Capsicum family and are wider when compared to jalapenos.





Cutting Bell Pepper                                                                                                           


  1. Wash and dry bell pepper.
  2. Cut off the stem with a sharp knife.
  3. Place it upright on the cutting board.
  4. Make a circular cut all around the base of stem.
  5. Pull the base out.
  6. Scoop out seeds and membranes with a spoon.
  7. Rinse pepper and its insides well.
  8. Trim the base of pepper.


The bell pepper is clean and can be cut in a variety of ways:

  1. Lay the pepper on its side.
  2. Using a paring knife, cut slices of desired thickness crosswise to get rings of bell pepper.






Chop Bell Pepper                                                                                                               

  1. Place cleaned pepper upright on the cutting board.
  2. Cut a slit down on one side.
  3. Make slices lengthwise to get strips of bell pepper.
  4. Hold these together and cut crosswise to get diced or chopped bell peppers.




Watch how to cut bell pepper here and pick up a few more tips on the same. These are colorful vegetables that can be included in a wide variety of dishes.


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How To Cut Bell Pepper