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How To Cut Lobster

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cutting a lobster

Buying a lobster from the seafood section of a supermarket is quite easy but when it comes to cutting up a lobster for cooking, not many people show the strength of character, really! Well, now that you have splurged on a juicy fresh lobster, for the National Lobster Day on June 15, there is no way out for you. You better read on to learn how to cut a lobster perfectly and make the best use of it for a sumptuous meal. Though it is not easy to cut up this sea animal, you can do so with the correct and sharp tools.


Tips To Cut Lobster At Home


  1. You can steam or parboil a lobster to kill it first and if you are the gutsy type, you can even kill a lobster quickly with a sharp knife.
  2. To kill a lobster by boiling, add it to boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Then take it out and let it cool down before you start chopping.
  3. In case you want to go straightaway at it, grip the lobster by its tail on a sturdy cutting board and place the knife over its skeleton, just between its eyes. Drive the knife, in a quick, sudden movement, through the eyes, all the way down and out the other side.
  4. The third step can be repeated in case of boiled lobster too.
  5. Drive the knife through the lobster underbelly all the way to its tail. This will split the lobster into halves.
  6. Using your hands, separate the black vein that runs through its tail and put it away.
  7. Now wash the lobster well, ensuring that no debris are left.
  8. After washing, cut off its legs and claws at joints. Further, cut off the knuckles right where they join the claws to preserve the knuckle meat safely.
  9. After the step number eight, your lobster is ready to be grilled, blanched, steamed or whatever you want to do with it.



Lobsters are best boiled in salt water to preserve the taste of meat. Lobsters can be eaten whole or the meat can be used to make soups, salads, sandwiches etc. Watch how to cut lobster here after it is boiled. Hope these tips help you cut lobster easily.


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How To Cut Lobster