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How To Cut Corn

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Learning how to cut corn is no uphill task if you have the right tools and some patience. Corn can be cut fresh as well as either cooked (read boiled) or microwaved. Cooking corn makes it easier to remove the kernels, though fresh corn kernels can also sliced off the cob without much of a mess.






Cutting Corn Kernels Off the Cob


The husks and silks of fresh corn have to be removed or peeled off. Corn cobs should be  rinsed well. If you are planning to cook or boil it, place these cleaned corn cobs in boiling water for 8 to10 minutes and then remove.











Trim the cobs on the tail end to get a flat surface. Take a wide bowl (preferably) and place corn in it. Alternately, place corn upright on cutting board. Cutting kernels into a bowl makes less mess when compared to cutting them on a cutting board.







Hold the stem end, rest the cut tip of corn on the cutting board or at the bottom of the bowl and using a sturdy, sharp knife, cut downwards through rows of kernels, 3 or 4 at a time. The knife should ideally release the corn kernels from the cob. Take care not to cut too close to the cob lest you end up including the hard, inedible, white fibers of the cob too.








Continue to slice off the corn kernels until all of them are removed from the cob. The milk that gets left back on the cob can be scraped using the blade of knife. 








Cut Corn into Pieces


Corn can be cut through its sturdy stem into halves which can be further cut to get thick rings of corn. Corn cut in this manner can be used for garnishes. Children too would find it easier to eat a half corn rather than handle the entire cob.


Watch the video to pick up more tips on how to cut corn here.



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How To Cut Corn