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How To Cut Mushroom

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Learn how to cut mushroom to add that texture, flavor and taste to your recipes.   Mushrooms can be chopped or sliced according to requirement of recipe. Mushrooms are best sliced for pizzas and sandwiches, while for stews and sauces, cut them into quarters. In soups, they are best used minced. Even it is generally advised not to wash mushrooms prior to cutting them; they can be washed if they are dirty and dried well.














Cutting Mushroom Slices                                                                                                


  1. Wash, dry and if required stem mushrooms.
  2. Place mushrooms stalk down on cutting board.
  3. Using a sharp knife, make slices of mushrooms.






Cut Mushrooms into Wedges


The cleaned mushrooms can be quartered into wedges by cutting through their stems lengthwise.







Chopped and Minced Mushrooms                                                                                 


Clean and halve mushrooms. Place mushroom cut face down on cutting board and make cuts on it. Then hold them together, rotate and now make cross wise cuts to get small pieces of mushrooms ready to be cooked. Similarly, if washed and dried mushrooms are cut randomly and chopped until mushrooms are all cut up into very small pieces mushroom mince is ready.



Watch how to cut mushroom here and see for yourself that cutting mushroom is indeed easy if done carefully and according to instructions.



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How To Cut Mushroom