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How To Fillet Whiting

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Whiting is a fish that is quite commonly caught in Iceland and is a delicacy that is best served with mush and wine. They are good pairings with wine. Nevertheless, learning how to fillet whiting is much easier, if you follow this process systematically.





  • Filleting the fish is very easy that you need to make an incision behind the head of the fish on one side of the fish until you feel the backbone at an angle.
  • This time rather than feeling the backbone on the dorsal side, you will make long strokes and cut down through the belly reaching until the tail. Be careful not to cut the vent, and you can feel the spine in the middle of the fish as a single central backbone like the way you will be seeing in a flat fish. This way of cutting the fish is following the English style. This is better known as the butterfly cut.
  • Now turn the other side of the fish and cut this time at the same angle following the cut that you made on the other side. Follow this incision until down the belly on the other side of the fish in a similar manner as you did on the other side of the fish.
  • Now you will be able to lift one single fillet off the backbone and pull this till the tail end and cut an inch above the tail. This is not possible to remove the skin this way, and is therefore good to remove the scales and cook with the skin, which can be easily removed while baking or steaming and cooked to nothing while frying and grilling.

Watch this video before you have hands on experience! Now you have one big butterfly fillet to cook your yummy delicious recipe of your choice!


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How To Fillet Whiting