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How To Fillet Plaice?

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Plaice is a flat fish that is being caught along the coasts of the North Sea of the European coastline. What is unique about this fish is that this had quite a hard skin, probably muscular, and so less fish meat and is not a much anticipated delicacy. Let us see how to fillet plaice, which is much pretty interesting indeed!




Filleting a Plaice:

  • Remove the scales of the fish using the backside of the knife so that your filleting knife does not lose their sharpness, or use another knife for the same purpose.
  • Cut the fish first by creating an incision near the gills, and feel for the backbone and cut another angle on the other half of this flat fish.
  • Now cut from the gill toward the tail, and using long strokes reach the middle of the backbone, and undauntingly use long strokes and carefully raise the fish meat over the middle of the backbone without breaking the bone.
  • Continue the process and reach until the other end of the flat surface of the fish is touched and from there you will have one big flat fillet from the darker side of the fish.
  • Turn over the fish, make two slits on the white side of the fish as shown in the video, and make a fillet as you tease out the fish fillet from the head to the tail.


Deskinning the fish:

Create a small incision in the tail region of the fillet to separate the skin from the fish meat. Hold the skin firmly,  using the short perpendicular strokes to the longitudinal side of the fish peel the skin off the fish on both the sides. This is pretty easier in this fish in comparison to other flat fishes.


Make your own yummy delicious dishvusing these fillets! There are a number of interesting simple and easy to cook recipes of plaice in your camping spot like jiffy grilled plaice and much more!



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How To Fillet Plaice?