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How To Fillet Rainbow Trout?

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Rainbow fish is one of the delicacy and you are going to be applauded only if you decide to learn how to fillet a rainbow trout and will not regret for the rest of your life! They are much like the salmon and are anadromous. Read further on how to fillet the rainbow trout systematically:



 Tips for Filleting Rainbow Trout

  • Start cleaning the rainbow trout with degutting. For this purpose, you need to cut the belly open and remove all the intestines, blood, and innards using your index finger. Pull out the gills using your fingers. Another option is to cut the fish off its head by making an incision from the gills until the backbone towards the head, and cut it off.
  • Similarly, cut the tail off by cutting this an inch above the anal fins. Cut off the dorsal fins too.
  • Now beginning from the head at the backbone, insert your top of the filleting knife, and trace out on the dorsal surface following the trace of the backbone until you reach the tail-end. Using long strokes remove the fillet. Rotate the fish on the other side and repeat the process to get your second fillet.
  • Clean the fillet and remove the skin from tail toward the head.


Now is that your fillets are ready, you can cook by baking, grilling, frying, steaming or BBQ the fish into an yummy delicacy! has a range of recipes for you, just hit this target to make you expert in cooking rainbow trout!


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How To Fillet Rainbow Trout?