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How To Fillet Bream?

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Bream is one of the predominantly available freshwater fish of the European freshwaters. They belong to the category of the round fish and this how to fillet a bream. This is a tough job, involving some level of cleaning and degutting, which you usually avoid in most of the other fishes and is for good that you do not lose much of the meat.



Descaling and degutting the fish


Hold the fish by the tail and remove the scales if you are going to cook the fish with the skin, which will not be the most probable case when you are going to fillet the fish. Therefore, descaling the fish could be skipped and can directly go to the degutting of the fish.


To degut the fish, cut along the soft belly tissue below the dorsal fins, and remove all the innards and the gills using your index finger and pulling out the gills hard enough with your thumb and index finger. Clean the fish clean and remove the blood reminiscent using running water or a bucket of water.


Filleting the fish


Once cleansed, the fish is ready for filleting. Make a cut below the pectoral fins until the backbone of the head that you will be able to see. Following this, on the dorsal side of the fish, cut following the backbone without breaking the rib cage. Work in parallel strokes to the dorsal surface of the fish over the rib cage and fillet out one side of the fish by making a cut at the tail end. Turn over and repeat the same process once more and you will have both your fillets.


Clean the fillets of reminiscent membranes, blood and small bones.


Deskinning the fish


Make a small incision at the tail end and run the knife perpendicular to the fillet holding the skin, tight at one end, and there you have the deskinned fillets ready to make yummy dishes.


Now that you have a clear idea on how to fillet bream, make delicious dishes with this yummy fish.

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How To Fillet Bream?