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How To Fillet Haddock

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Haddock is one of the popular fishes that are caught by using  net and  hook both, although the hooked ones tastes better. Learning how to fillet haddock is not a tedious job that is tough to learn. Here is a systematic guide on how to fillet a haddock. What you need to fillet a haddock is a firm and ultra- sharp filleting knife.





Filleting the fish:

Make an incision on both the sides of the fish from near the gills under the pectoral fins until the head where you will feel the backbone. In this angle, you can also remove the head if you want to make working on the process of filleting much easier.

On the dorsal sides of the fish cut through touching the backbone giving room for the dorsal fins from the head toward the end of the tail and create an incision at the tail end. Using long strokes with your knife in parallel to the backbone cut the fillet off the fish until you reach the belly and cut it apart. Turn over the fish and repeat the same process to get the second fillet.

Finally cut at the tail-end well above the anus and the anal fins.


Deskinning the fish:

Make an incision at the tail end near to the skin and holding the skin pass through the fish meat so that you rip off skin from the fish meat of the fillets.

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How To Fillet Haddock