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How To Fillet Shark?

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When you are taking a swim and encounter a shark, then that is the end of you if you get into their grips, but little do many people know that shark is a delicacy and has been considered as one of the top nutritious fishes. All you need for filleting a shark is some lemon juice and an extra sharp filleting knife that will pull out the fish meat smoothly and swiftly. This is a fact that filleting shark is not that easy and will take time to become an expert. With practice you will learn how to fillet shark recisely and quickly.

Draining the blood:

The best way to drain all the blood out of this demon is to cut through the gills near the spine, towards the head below the pectoral fins until you feel the backbone or the beginning of the rib cage. Do this at the beginning as soon as you catch the fish, as this is the fastest way to clean the fish of the blood.

Following this make a cut along the bottom line near the tail unless you are not game fishing.

Removing the head of the fish:

You can remove the head of the fish by making a cut below the pectoral fins and behind the gills until the head where you can feel the backbone. Following this, you can either entirely remove the head of the fish or leave this intact. Wash the fish in the ocean and do the degutting process of removing the internals until the blood flow ceases.

Slicing the fish:

Following the big washing in the ocean, the best thing to do is to cut the fish into manageable slices and put them on ice.  When cleaning the fish and filleting the shark, the first thing is to remove the anal fins. Leaving room for the long single stretch of the dorsal fins on the shark’s back cut deep enough touching the spine of the shark, and fillet out two pieces of the fish meat. Once the fins and the spines or the bones, which are not edible, are gone, slice the shark into palatable slices, as the fish is big. Remove the skin and you will find that shark has a considerable amount of muscular tissue, which is not palatable, and therefore removing the skin off the fish meat is much easier.

Watch this video on filleting the fish, before you really do one of them!

Once you have the fillets ready, wash them well in fresh running water and get them ready to cook some delicious recipes!


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How To Fillet Shark?