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How To Fillet Crappie

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One of the most common flat fish that usually hits the spring are the Crappie to your bait and when you learn how to fillet a Crappie you will find the only tool that you need is a sharp, long and thin filleting knife.




Filleting Crappie

  • Lay the fish on a flat surface and angle the knife away from the head and behind the pectoral fins along the gills toward the head at an angle to reach the backbone or the beginning of the spine and the rib cage.
  • Following this move the knife along the backbone or the ribs without cutting the bones to get a neat flat fillet.
  • Make a slice of the fish near the vent and cut the fillet at the end of the tail removing the fillet away from the ribs using long strokes of the knife perpendicularly to the fish along the ribs, without breaking both the small and the big bones.
  • Remove or separate the fish from the skin as shown in the video!
  • Turn over the fish and repeat the same process in a similar manner, and much slower and steadier so that you do not lose much of the meat.
  • Using this method, you will have two fillets from Crappie that you have baited and is time to clean them well!
  • Wash the fillets, remove if there is any attaching small bones, membranes, and blood thoroughly and get them ready for throwing into your pan to fry or you can also freeze them for later use.


​Now is that you have the technique to fillet the crappie, try some of the follwoing crappie recipes like panned crappies with chives, Southwestern crappie cakes and much more yummy recipes!


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How To Fillet Crappie